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Why i-Inspire® Surgical Drain Solutions?

• i-Inspire offers a complete drain management solution. We not only provide a daily solution but also a shower/bath solution.
• Our bags allow you to wear ALL regular clothes with no bulkiness.
• Our bags not only help manage the drain bulbs but the drain tubes as well.
• We provide a unique, patent-pending clip that secures the drain tubes to prevent the tubes from getting tangled and pulled on things.
• Our bags come with adjustable straps that accommodate any size.
• Our bags hide the drain bulbs and tubes so you can feel comfortable performing your normal activities without hassle or embarrassment.
• Our solution helps you feel closer to “normal,” especially in public.
• We offer a multiple variety of color and trim options as well as our stylish quilted daily bags and non-quilted daily bags.
• Our bags are available not only for women but also for men and children custom made to order. Please call to place these orders.

Note: Generally, hospitals send you home with drains pinned to your clothes. If you are sent home with a bra, as one patient stated, “I felt like the unabomber,” because the drains are bulky looking under clothes and there is still nothing to secure the drain tubes. Embarrassing!

Benefits of our patent-pending clips:
• i-Inspire is the only company to offer a solution to manage the drain tubes and keep them secure within the bag.
• Clips keep tubes secure in bag while sleeping and showering.
• No fear of hooking tubes on cabinet knobs while getting ready after shower or bath.
• Clips allow tubes to be secure inside bag and hidden from view.

i-Inspire® post-mastectomy/surgical drain bags have been tried and tested with positive feedback from patients.
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Breast Cancer Drain Bags With Clips!

Our non quilted post-mastectomy/surgical drain bag is helpful and functional as well as economical. This non quilted bag can conveniently manage surgical drains for daily use at home or out and about.

This non quilted bag comes with our patent-pending clip for securing the drain tubes. This option is a simpler version of our quilted bag and is an option most everyone can afford.

Our price is competitive with similar products out there, yet offers a more comprehensive solution by providing our patent-pending clip to secure the tubes.We all agree these drains are annoying! Finally, we have an option that not only takes care of your drains for daily use that is far less cumbersome, we also provide a way to secure and hide the tubes. And for a very reasonable price! We are very excited to provide this option and hope we can help make your recovery a lot easier! Straps are adjustable and are available in sizes S/M, M/L, L/XL. When ordering, please leave a comment with which strap size you need.

Only $24.95
surgical drain holders

Recovery With Style

Post-mastectomy and breast reconstruction drain holders for breast cancer recovery that safely and securely hide your drains. Recovering from breast surgery is easier with iInspire because we end the worries of securing post surgical drains. As a breast cancer survivor, Jennifer Baker and her husband Marvin offer the latest in post-surgical drain bags. Each product is truly stylish and comfortable.

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Breast Cancer Drains

"Over the last ten years I have had drain tubes three times and I wish I had known of this wonderful solution. I am a ten year survivor."

Sandi Norris

iInspireLLC helps to hide unsightly surgical drains


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