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You can purchase i-Inspire post-mastectomy and surgical drain management with all major credit cards.

Why i-Inspire® Post Mastectomy
and Surgical Drain Care?

  • i-Inspire® offers a complete drain management solution. We not only provide a daily solution but also a shower/bath solution.
  • Our bags allow you to wear ALL regular clothes with no bulkiness.
  • Our bags not only help manage the drain bulbs but the drain tubes as well.
  • We provide a unique, patent-pending clip that secures the drain tubes to prevent the tubes from getting tangled and pulled on things.
  • Our bags come with adjustable straps that accommodate any size.
  • Our bags hide the drain bulbs and tubes so you can feel comfortable performing your normal activities without hassle or embarrassment.
  • Our solution helps you feel closer to “normal,” especially in public.
  • We offer a multiple variety of color and trim options as well as our stylish quilted daily bags and non-quilted daily bags.
  • Our bags are available not only for women but also for men and children custom made to order. Please call to place these orders.

Benefits of our patent-pending clips:

  • i-Inspire® is the only company to offer a solution to manage the drain tubes and keep them secure within the bag.
  • Clips keep tubes secure in bag while sleeping and showering.
  • No fear of hooking tubes on cabinet knobs while getting ready after shower or bath.
  • Clips allow tubes to be secure inside bag and hidden from view.

i-Inspire® post-mastectomy and surgical drain bags have been tried and tested with positive feedback from patients.
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Non-quilted bag to hide breast cancer and post-operative drains.

Breast Cancer Drain Bags With Clips!

Our non-quilted post-mastectomy and surgical drain bag is helpful, functional, and economical. This bag can conveniently manage surgical drains for daily use at home or out and about.

This bag comes with our patent-pending clip for securing drain tubes and is a simpler, more affordable version of our quilted bag.

Our price is competitive with similar products out there, yet no other product offers a more comprehensive solution for securing the drain tubes. We all agree these drains are annoying! Finally, there is a solution that not only takes care of your drains for daily use that is far less cumbersome, but our solution also helps secure and hide the tubes.

We are very excited to provide this non-quilted option and hope we can help make your recovery a lot easier! Straps are adjustable and are available in sizes S/M, M/L, L/XL.

Before and after photo of
        post-op surgery drain tubes and jp cups being comfortably and easily hidden away with i-Inspire drain management bags.

Recovery With Style

"I have four drains and this works great! I was even able to get outside and enjoy the weather. Thank you!"

Charlyn - Oregon

A "system" of surgical tape and safety pins is no system at all. After a tough surgery you should be focused on healing your body, not figuring out how to keep your drain tubes from snagging on something.

Let i-Inspire® help you by bringing a little style and simplicity to your post-op life.

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If you would like to sponsor our bags for a friend as a single order, this can be done on our website. If you would like us to donate the bags in our location, we can do that. Or, we can ship the bags to you for you to give them to whomever you choose. For multiple bag sponsorships (10 or more), please call or complete form below for pricing.

Become a sponsor as a business/non-profit:
If you are a business or non-profit organization and would like to sponsor our bags to give to women where you are locally or would like us to give them to patients where we are locally, we can do either. In either case, we will include a post card with each bag/bag bundle stating the bags were sponsored by your company with your company logo listed on the card. You will need to email us your logo. We will also display your company logo on our sponsorship page. For multiple bag sponsorships (10 or more), please call for pricing or complete form below for pricing.

Note: Our company is not a 501c3 organization and cannot accept donations. However, we can accept sponsorships which can in turn be given to patients in a company's name as marketing.

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Sandi Norris commenting about her positive experience
        with i-Inspire breast cancer drain bags.

"Over the last ten years I have had drain tubes three times and I wish I had known of this wonderful solution. I am a ten year survivor."

Sandi Norris

iInspireLLC helps to hide unsightly surgical drains


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